As Global Hapkido Association Founder and President, I would like to highlight some of the great work done by some of our senior Global Hapkido Association (GHA) Instructors during the 2017 World Championship, held in Monterrey, Mexico on July 22-23, 2017.

On July 21, the day before our World Championship, Grandmaster Francisco Garcia, Master Adrian Garcia, Grandmaster Peter Sanders, Grandmaster Song Un Kim, Grandmaster Juan Rangel, and Master Richard Pazder conducted a seminar on Hapkido techniques and tactics for law enforcement officers. The seminar was conducted at the Police Tactical Training Compound at the Univesidad de la Ciencias de la Seguridad in Monterrey, Mexico. The seminar featured a speed-learning system in which students were broken up into four groups who rotated to one of the four international instructors for a new block of instruction approximately every 45 minutes. The students received instruction on military techniques, two-second techniques, close-quarter control tactics, and positional control holds. Grandmaster Hee Kwan Lee (yours, truly) provided a leadership seminar during the event. Students finished their training with a block of instruction on firearms training, which included dry-fire drills, point-and-shoot concepts, and movement drills. After that, the students were treated to an “authentic police cadet dining experience” at the University cafeteria. The training day concluded with a motivational message from the UCS command staff and final group pictures.

As the Founder of the Global Hapkido Association, I am dedicated to meeting the needs of our students and instructors. By offering training experiences that go beyond basic self-defense skills, we are able to help prepare a new generation of instructors who have excellent leadership skills and are able to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve, including law enforcement, military, and executive protection professionals.

I would not be able to fulfill this vision without the excellent international instructors who shared their knowledge, and without the excellent partnership that the Global Hapkido Association shares with the Universidad de la Ciencias de la Seguridad (UCS). I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to the Director of the UCS, Lic. Vicente Morales Garza. Thank you, for your leadership, your support, and your kind hospitality in allowing us the benefit of your facilities, staff, and cadets. Most of all, thank you for your friendship.

I would also like to thank Master Tadeo Carreno and Master Rogelio A. Urista for your expertise and commitment to excellence. You were instrumental in making this seminar a success. I would like to thank all of the instructors, staff, cadets, and commanders of the UCS for your warm hospitality and excellent instruction.

I would like to thank all of the seminar participants- over 100 students from 16 different countries for their professionalism and for their hard training in a hot, outdoor training climate.
Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our four international grandmasters and masters who provided realistic and practical training that could otherwise only be found in police or paramilitary training environments.
Thank you, for your unwavering dedication to the Global Hapkido Association!

If you are interested in the unique and comprehensive training opportunities that the Global Hapkido Association has to offer, feel free to contact us. No matter what your level of expertise, there are always more great opportunities waiting around the corner!


Hee Kwan Lee
Founder & President
Global HapKiDo Association


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