Mission Statement

To develop Global Hapkido Association's members physically, mentally and morally; to build an appreciation for life and to enhance its quality through continued education; to build confidence, teach and understand diversity. The goals set forth serve not only to develop students as future leaders, but also the community around them.

The Global Hapkido Association stresses the importance of its core values, "Respect, Honor & Unity", through producing technically proficient martial artists who exemplify our core values and demonstrate the highest standards of global citizenship in the art of Hapkido.


The white background symbolizes “cleanliness of the people”.

The Taegeuk holds the two principles of yin and yang in perfect balance; the former being the negative aspect rendered in blue, and the latter as the positive aspect rendered in red.

Together, they represent a continuous movement with infinity, the two merging as one.

The colors themselves represent the following:

Red (eastern; respect)
Blue (western; hope)

This logo implies that the wearer is a person who demonstrates compassion and patience for others, and seeks to gain wisdom through his or her actions and associations.
All of the elements represented in the logo serve to guide the Global Hapkido Association and its members as they develop their martial arts skills and their relationship with the rest of the world.