2020 Nepal National Hapkido Competition

This is a National Hapkido Championship Event. GHA Member Gym's from the Country of Nepal will be competing in Hapkido Martial Art events including: Sparring, Free-Style, Self Defense, Weapons and Team Demonstrations.

This event is scheduled for April 6 - 7, 2020 at Dashrath Stadium

More information about this National Hapkido Event is available here


You do not need to be affiliated with GHA but Rules and Regulations for Hapkido competition must be adhered to by all athletes, coaches, and officials.

We had many special people come from far distances to enjoy this grand event with us including Grand Master Kwang Suk Choi who is the GHA President.

We were very honored to have such distinguished guests as part of our championship and are glad everyone took advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
We also hope everyone enjoyed this as it was the first ever
Global Hapkido Association world championship!

Sanctioned by: International Hapkido Federation
Hosted by: Global Hapkido Association
Thank you so much to all our sponsors.
We greatly appreciate your support.

From July 22 – 23 the Global Hapkido Association World Hapkido Championships take place in Monterrey, Mexico.

Be part of this magnificent event where the greatest hapkido competitors around the World will gather together

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