GHA 10 Year Anniversary

2023 Represents the 10 Year Anniversary of the Global Hapkido Association (GHA)!


January 2, 2023

To all our Colleagues:

This year, 2023, we celebrate the Global Hapkido Association’s (GHA) 10-year anniversary. We are so blessed we have reached this far with many accomplishments throughout the 10 years of existence. During these years, we have had many world championships in many countries. Additionally, we have had world class seminars that included, hapkido techniques, international referee and leadership training. Including Hapkido retreats at various locations that have brought many participants. We are continuously providing seminars, championships, and retreats. Our next seminar will be held this year, 2023, in Monterrey, Mexico the World Masters Seminar, which will be held March 8 through March 11. Another accomplishment are all the members that have joined GHA through these years. We have over 50 countries that have joined the GHA family and we continue to welcome many more countries into the GHA family.

Through these years we have worked to improve championships, seminars and retreats. Also, we have published curriculum manuals sold by Amazon for color belt, black belt and weapon techniques with top technology such as inserting QR code, a two-dimensional barcoding system, so that videos can be viewed around the world.

Additionally, this year we have upgraded our black belt, DAN identification cards, which will be available to any black belt that would like to exchange their DAN identification card by contacting GHA headquarters.

These accomplishments are immense in the 10-years of existence.

The Global Hapkido Association board members, grandmasters, masters, and instructors all over the globe have been instrumental in working together through these years to expand GHA. Without them we could not go this far and continue grow and improve. As founder of GHA I am very grateful for them.

Most of all, I want to thank Our Lord for giving me the vision and leadership to create a successful martial arts organization such as Global Hapkido Association. With His continued direction the future of GHA will be exciting and bright!

If anyone needs more information, please feel free to go on our website and contact us


Hee Kwan Lee,

Founder & President of Global HapKiDo Association

The new Color Coded DAN Rank Black Belt Identification Cards are available now!