This recent trip to Nepal was very memorable for Grand Master Lee. At the Nepal airport, Tribhuvan International Airport, he was greeted by the Surya Thapa Press Advisor to the Prime Minister of Nepal and another member of the Parliament, as well as the Nepal Representative of Global Hapkido Association, Master Kali Bahdur Gharti Magar and his board members. Grand Master Lee was much honored to have such important people to meet him at the airport. The opening ceremony to the seminar event was very beautiful which was conducted by Master Kali Bahdur Gharti Magar. The opening ceremony consisted of a city-wide parade through the town square to the Pokhara Stadium in Gandaki Province with news cast from Nepal covering the event. At the arrival to the event in Pokhara Stadium, the opening ceremony continued with traditional dancers from different villages and key speakers such as the Minister of Social Development, Honorable Ms. Nar Devi Pun Magar, Master Kali Bahdur Gharti Magar, and Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee. Special thank you to Master Kali Bahadur Gharti Magar GHA Nepal Representative and his board members who made this event very successful.

2020 GHA Nepal Hapkido Seminar photos

These photos are taken from the GHA’s first International Hapkido Seminar of 2020 held in the country of Nepal.

This event attracted much attention from the local Nepal Press. Here are a few of the news articles that have been published for this event:

To view a video of this event, including the opening ceremonies, parade, amazing Hapkido Techniques (1:17 – 1:23 hours) performed by the Nepal Hapkido Martial Arts Black Belt students and closing statements – click here