The GHA Annual Retreat for 2020 just ended and it was a huge success. GHA members came from across the USA (Texas, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, etc,) and even internationally (Mexico) to participate in this unique event. GHA Educational Retreats focus on the five phases of study: Unarmed Techniques, Weapons, Leadership, Healing and Meditation. This year, as in the past, classes were offered focusing on all five phases. We had classes on the short staff, staff, rope restraining techniques, herbal medicine for martial artists, meditation, joint locks, counter grappling, ground fighting, etc. I want to personally thank you to Grandmaster Sean Pearson and Grandmaster Adrian Garcia.

2020 GHA Annual Educational Retreat Photos

These photos are taken from the GHA’s third Annual Educational Retreat held in the GHA Headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan – USA