Global Hapkido Association (GHA) is very impressed with the Leadership of Grand Master’s Francisco Garcia and Adrian Garcia when I went to Mexico on December 12 to December 15, 2019. As always, it is a great pleasure to work with these great leaders in Mexico. They have 25 Hapkido Schools they have planted, including in other countries too. These Grand Masters have over 250 active black belts. Additionally, GHA Mexico had the opportunity to have the Universidad de Ciencias de la Seguridad to host the Black Belt Ceremony for GHA, we are so grateful for them. At the University, we provided Hapkido training for police officers from eight different cities and to the GHA Mexico school owners’ special training. Global Hapkido Association has over 40 countries that are members. Everyone plays an important role in the Global Hapkido Association and we are proud of them. Global Hapkido Association is always blessed to have great leaders like them. For Grand Master Francisco Garcia and Adrian Garcia a special thank you for their commitment.